Event Response: UNI HD Webinar 11/30/21

Mr. Hovy presents information about migration called “Population migration and refugees”. Migration is a hot topic in today’s world so it’s good that we get to hear an argument by someone who is an expert on it. He states that forced migration is only a small fraction of global migration. He talks about how how many refugees received is highly uneven and most refugees are placed in poorer countries. I find these points very interesting because these topics are rarely talked about because they are not brought up by the media. I learned that climate change based migration is usually temporary and hard to identify. He also points out that the non-refugees in a country in crisis are the ones in real danger. This was interesting to me since it points out that the refugees were the lucky ones; the others still remain in a country that is dangerous to live in. He talks about how Europe is more afraid of migration than Africa because they believe it negatively affects their population. 

I found some of the points Mr. Hovy brought up were interesting but I did not enjoy the webinar overall. I feel as though he went through points a bit too quickly. If he had more time for his presentation then I think it would be better. Since he on average spent one minute per slide I was not able to process all the information.

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