George Orwell is a tea snob

Squiliam Fancyson from Spongebob Squarepants

I never thought someone could be such a stickler for something as mundane as tea but I was wrong. George Orwell has a very specific way of preparing his and if you do anything different when preparing your tea then you’re preparing your tea wrong. He believes that if you add sugar to tea you are no longer drinking. Orwell despises people who put sugar in the tea calling them “misguided”. If he had his way, tea with sugar would be as illegal as black tar heroin. Putting sugar in tea is treasonous to Orwell you’re basically drinking newborn blood by drinking tea with sugar. He also does not understand the etiquette of not drinking the tea straight from the tea. That’s like drinking orange juice straight out of the jug. It’s gross, other people might want to drink that tea. He also shakes the teapot while preparing his tea; why would you shake the teapot when you prepare your tea, who does that?  His perfect cup of tea is bitter so he literally wants the tea to taste bad. It seems like Orwell looks down upon people who do anything “unorthodox” while preparing their tea. I put quotation marks around the word unorthodox because Orwell finds anything done preparing tea that he does not do while preparing tea unorthodox.

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