Tea Poem

The egghead guy from xue hua piao piao
Repeats: tea is said at least once in every poem, which makes sense since they are all about tea. They mainly refer to the drink tea but it is sometimes used to refer to a tea plant or bush and it was once used to refer to a tea cake. Many of the poems refer to green as jade like in the poem “Sent to Liu from Tongzhou as I leisurely rest” Tongzhou says, “ watching the simmering of jadeite green dust”. In, “ Written in haste to thank imperial censor” Lu Tong writes, “ I, Master of the jade stream, ride this pure wind and wish to return home”. Many of the poems talk a lot about them picking tea plants in the mountains or caves. In, “Song of Mount Guahu” the poet writes, “ In the mountains I am occupied with matters of tea”, and, “ Then mountain folk gradually wish to harvest the seeds of the tea plants”. In, “ Responding to a gift of transcendent’s palm tea from Yuquan sent by my nephew the monk Zhongfu, with preface”, Li Bai writes, I once heard of a jade spring mountain”; this quote also goes back to my point about how the word jade is used to describe green tea. I think the most interesting poem is, “ Making fun of the envoy Cui Shi”, because Jiaoran is actually making fun of people who drink alcohol saying that they should drink tea instead.

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