Tea Tasting

A picture of tea

In this tea tasting we were supposed to smell and touch the tea leaves but I could not smell anything from the tea leaves and I did not touch them because that would be weird.

The first tea I had was the white tea which was not white it was yellow so the name should be changed to yellow tea. It had a malty smell with a wispy body. It had a malty smell and a small earthy taste but overall I tasted more like hot water than tea. The leaves were thin and a mixture of black, green, and white.

The green also had a malty smell and a wispy body. I feel like it had a vegetal taste but if that is the best case scenario taste for green tea, I do not like green tea. I just was bland and tasted like weird hot water. The leaves were green, and were wide and flat.

The jasmine tea had a flowery smell and a medium body. It had a malty taste with a bad aftertaste, this was easily my least favorite. The leaves were curled and were a greenish-brown color.

Now, I am certain that I would not like the black tea if I had it on its own but I added a lot of sugar and milk to it so I actually enjoyed it. It had a wispy body and a sweet taste. The tea leaves were black and thin.

The last tea I had was smoked tea. Since it is called smoked tea it is pretty obvious that it had a smoky smell and taste. The smoked tea had a medium body. The tea leaves were black with brownish-gold tips.

Overall, I have learned that I do not like hot tea. I think I am just going to stick to lemon iced tea.

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